ACSI is the regular member of INTERSKI, founding member of EDUSKI ČR (organization associating commercial subjects in snowsports in Czech Republic). EDUSKI ČR is member and fulfil all standards of international organization ISA (International Pro Ski Instructor Association). Other members of ISA are CHSA (China), ISA (Korea), SSAT (Thailand), SASI (Singapore), ARASIA (Russia).

ACSI licences and all levels of education (course level L1, L2, L3 and L4) comply with international standards and are accepted not only in Europe, but also in other continents. ACSI provides basic courses as well as education of freestyle, terrain park, race training and riding in extremely difficult terrain conditions. Successful students work in ski schools in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Japan and China.

Our examiners work in top ski schools as managers, supervisors and trainers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Courses and methodical concept of teaching skiing and snowboarding are gained from this foreign experience our examiners. Technical concept of skiing and snowboarding is based on alpine technique, is formed to be easy to understand and enable fast progress in technique with emphasis to safety. The aim is comfortable skiing with minimal effort.

ACSI focuses in modern trends in teaching, associates the best people in this field, that market currently offers with world-class guarantees.

What happened...

  • Start of the season 23/24
    Start of the season 23/24 28.11.2023 Petr Hudec
  • New skiing education structure ACSI
    New skiing education structure ACSI 06.09.2023 Petr Hudec
  • ACSI goes to Interski congress
    ACSI goes to Interski congress 20.03.2023 Petr Hudec
  • ACSI education is  accepted in the Italian Province of BOZEN-SÜDTIROL
    ACSI education is accepted in the Italian Province of BOZEN-SÜDTIROL 12.02.2023 Petr Hudec
  • How was the end of 2022 in ACSI
    How was the end of 2022 in ACSI 03.01.2023 Petr Hudec

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Whether you are ski instructor or not, send us your video and our lector team will give you few improvement advices. That's the only way to improve yourself. Don't be scared! Send us your video and we will guide you on your journey to become an ultimate skier.

Selected videos and analysis

Adam Vyskočil

Snažím se jezdit plynule a hezky, ale pořád tomu něco chybí, v oblouku si myslím, že jedu celkem dobře, ale pořád to není ono. Budu rád, když mi dá...


Simona Nováková

Ahoj kluci, co byste mi doporučili, abych se mohla zlepšit? Jezdím ráda,ale jezdím dost pomalu a ráda bych se cítila při lyžování bezpečně.


Štěpán Janák

Nemohu pořád zjistit čím to je, že se mi nedaří jet tak, jak vidím ostatní na sjezdovce. Co bych měl dělat líp?


Pavel Zrubek

Ahoj všem, lyžuju už dlouho, ale pořád si myslím, že mám rezervy. Byl bych moc rád, kdybyste mi mohli poradit v čem bych se měl zlepšit.


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We are happy to welcome anyone older than 16 in our team. You don't have to be a ski instructor to join some of our courses (eg. first snow on glacier in fall).

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The faculty expertise from Australia, the USA, Austria with 20 years experience.

Courses it does not stop

Advanced courses we organize throughout the season.

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Shop concessional material from our partners.

Comprehensive methodical series

Only through our courses on how to understand and easy to learn.

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They just came from nowhere, passed courses, know us, teach with us and most of them became our friends or partners. And now you can become a part of our growing family!

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